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Welcome to Straddle’s website. We publish quality science games appealing to both children and adults. Founded in 2007, our games encourage people to explore and develop their interests in the natural and manufactured world around them.

We love science, parties and informal learning just as much as you do! Our new hands-on skill-action game Straddle - The Touch the Stars and Constellations Astronomy Game, teaches players to recognize stars and identify star patterns, with hilarious results. Playing like Hasbro's classic Twister game, the object is to touch a star or constellation using only your feet or hands and be the last player not to touch any other body part to the mat.

Straddle is a fun mix of practical and observational astronomy for schoolchildren to university students, teachers to families, individuals to parties. Our giant planisphere accurately depicts the stars’ positions, relative sizes and colors as seen in the Northern Hemisphere’s night sky and corresponds most accurately to a view between 35 and 45-degrees north latitude.

Happy Gaming!

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