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• A fun skill-action party game played on a giant planisphere!
• Twirl the spinner and touch a star or constellation using only your feet or hands. Be the last player not to touch any other body part to the Straddle mat to win the game!
• A challenging new astronomy game - a cosmic twist to a classic game
• Ages 10 to adult, 2 or more players. Four ways to play. Made in USA

  What You Get

• 5 ft x 6 ft (1.5 x 1.8 m) durable plastic mat showing 33 constellations including the entire zodiac plus 15 navigational stars and the Pleiades star cluster
• Spinner and Instructions
• 20-page star and constellation guide illustrated with 34 star charts and accented by stellar mythology from around the world

The Straddle mat charts the major constellations seen in the Northern Hemisphere's night sky. Get tangled with your friends and family on this new astronomy game today!

Game Box Box, Spinner & Booklet on the Night Sky 5ft x 6ft Planisphere Mat Star Charts and Mythology Printable Planisphere

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